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Who is Amanda

Hello, I’m Amanda Ambrosio Da Cruz, born in São ludgero Santa Catarina. As a child I had my first contact with sports, mainly athletics, where I participated in several championships around the region and had a good performance and since then I have a passion for all types of sports. At the age of 15 I started bodybuilding at a club in my city and then my passion for bodybuilding came, I love being in the gym and I made it my philosophy of life. I graduated in physical education and became a professional in several courses here in the United States. Today I have been working in the area for 5 years and I learn every day with my students, respecting their differences and particularities, today I have new projects and I want to be more prepared every day for this profession that I chose to pursue because of my passion for the fitness world and the satisfaction of seeing extraordinary results on different customers. being useful and making a difference in the lives of many and especially in mine.

Recent awards

J Cutler Classic 2021

1º place in 3 Categories and + Overall

J Cutler Classic 2019

1º place in 3 Categories and + Overall

NPC Rhode Island

3º Lugar

Personal Training

Today, the total focus of my work is shaping your body, through personalized workouts that I develop exclusively for each student after a careful evaluation. Each body is in a unique phase and has different organisms, so I work with personalized monitoring allowing the student to have the best results and much faster than conventional gyms. In addition to this work being personalized with exclusive training for each student, I also offer face-to-face assistance. or in my own studio. Talk to me and schedule an appointment to find out the best way to reach your physical goal.



I'm going to you
  • At your gym
  • Personalized exercises
  • Private staff


Train in the best studio
  • Differentiated appliances
  • Goal for weight loss
  • Muscle mass gain
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100% Online
  • Online service
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Weekly updates
In some cases, consider doing a daily, weekly or biweekly. Follow-up through messages, groups, videos and photos.

My students

You are just a few steps away from having the same results that my students had during my personalized follow-up. See what my students managed to achieve after evaluation, execution, a lot of effort and dedication. If they all did it, so can you!


Stoughton - MA

STUDENT deborah

Brockton - MA


Hingham - MA

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Easton - MA


Braintree - MA

STUDENT Vinicius

Quincy - MA

If you also want to have a before and after like those of my students click on the button below and come transform your body too!

Recent Reviews

Sarah DeSouza
Sarah DeSouza
11 April 2023
Best personal trainer! Really attentive, always with a positive vibe. Will be with you every step of the workout, helping with posture and and words of encouragement! Couldn’t have asked for a better trainer . Highly recommend !!!
2 April 2023
Amanda is a great trainer. She will help motivate you and meet your fitness goals in no time
Celi Santos
Celi Santos
2 April 2023
I have been training with Amanda for about 5 Years and she is absolutely fantastic. She helped me achieve all my fitness goals of getting back my muscle, strength and endurance. I feel so much better physically and mentally after training with her. She makes the workout routines fun and interesting. I highly recommend Amanda.
Cibelle Fernandes
Cibelle Fernandes
1 April 2023
Amanda is incredible, a personal trainer super dedicated to doing the best for her class. I've been training with her for 3 years, I've achieved great results and I'm still making great progress. Amanda taught me how to create a workout routine and be dedicated to exercise.👊💪
Geovana Rodrigues
Geovana Rodrigues
31 March 2023
Amanda is a trustworthy personal trainer. She has been my personal trainer for years, and I can’t stress enough the good work she does. I am very thankful and really recommend her job!
josi raggi
josi raggi
31 March 2023
Amanda é uma excelente profissional, tem muita prática com atividade física, disciplina e treinamento dos seus alunos! Super recomendo seu trabalho ✅

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Copyright © 2023 Amanda Ambrosio | All rights reserved

Copyright © 2023 Amanda Ambrosio | All rights reserved